• Time travel back to the decade that gave us excess of all kind, from ABBA to Ziggy Stardust, flares to giant sideburns and long hair. Psychedelic peace signs and camper vans capture the mood whether you were there or not even born yet!
  • Hark back to the decade that Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter and 'MP3' entered the language. Music festivals boomed with grunge, britpop and rave while Cool Britannia ruled.
  • “Holy reincarnation!” Disguised as Batman’s famous sidekick, you’ll have licence to call out this and hundreds of other “holy” exclamations! Create your own caper as you pair up to form your own crime fighting Dynamic Duo!
  • Look even smoother than the original Bruce Wayne Batman from DC Comics in this sleek 2nd Skin suit that will cast quite an arresting shadow over Gotham City. Comes with bat cape and bat mask. Better go see who's lurking down Crime Alley.
  • Budding Superman fans better be in good shape if they want to slip their Clark Kent figure into this number! This figure-hugging full-body stretch jumpsuit goes from tip to toe for ultra-smooth aerodynamics!
  • Dig the bandana, man! With the scent of Woodstock still lingering in the air, this early Seventies look offered a suave step forward from the flower motifs of a couple of years earlier. Dig the paisley prints, baby!
  • 'Without the safety of a net!' Trapeze artists flying through the air are a stunning sight, but one slip and you'll be Acro-Splat! Climb into this gruesome 2nd Skin suit to make a gory impact this Halloween.
  • As punk mellowed at the start of the Eighties, along came New Wave, capturing a variety of sounds and the same diversity of styles! Inspired by the likes of Culture Club and the Thompson Twins, start a whole new wave of your own!
  • Celebrate the magic of Disney’s live action take on Aladdin! If you measure up as the elusive “Diamond in the Rough”, you and your inflatable friend Abu may soon be on your way into the Cave of Wonders to find the Genie’s lamp!
  • Choose wisely, Aladdin, should you be presented with a magic lamp… Celebrate the return of this Disney classic by dressing up as the fabled story’s mischievous hero. With help from your Genie, you may meet your dream princess!
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    "Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman!" Never mind if you lose track of the number of "nas", not singing the Batman theme tune is almost impossible once you get DC Comics' great Gotham crime-fighter's gear on!
  • “Zap!”, “Kapow!”, “Splatt!” Recreate hilarious fight scenes from the original Batman series from the 1960s with this faithful reproduction of the Adam West original. No need for a slippery pole or bat cave, just jump into the jumpsuit!
  • Be the envy of other festival-goers with this rain-ready Batman poncho that gives new meaning to the phrase "The Caped Crusader!" See off villainous showers as you snuggle under your bat-eared hood, safe from the elements.
  • Find a safe place or build a wall around you whenever you feel the need to pep up health points with your chug jug. Monsters and enemy players are all after the Black Knight, one of Fortnite’s most formidable, frightening champions.
  • There’s a Storm closing in and you’ve not much time to act. This is Fortnite: Battle Royale, only for real! Pull on these Black Knight essentials and join the adventure. You’re part of the FortKnight Set, wearing skin other players will envy.
  • From Zack Taylor in the original cult 80s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series to Chase Randall in Power Rangers Dino Charge, many have taken on the mantle of the Black Ranger. Move stealthily in your Power Rangers 2nd Skin to test your reflexes, strength and agility… as you party all night.
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    Strike a pose before you strike at Lord Zedd! Make sure you slip into your figure-hugging Power Rangers 2nd Skin from the cult 80s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV Show. Stretchy and flexible, the suit is perfect for practising your martial arts moves.
  • Whip on your top and snood! Hurry! The Storm is closing in and there’s not much time to fortify your hideout or build the traps that will keep 99 other players away! This is real-file Fortnite, the game where the last one standing wins!
  • R2-D2’s constant companion, Anakin Skywalker’s creation C-3PO can get a tad anxious, but his heart is in the right place (we think). Emulate his style – and his moves – inside this faithful recreation, ready to head up the Resistance!
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    Scale new depths in this Deluxe Edition Aquaman suit! This super-hero’s realm is underwater, a place where you can test out your super-strength as you sound out the deep for hours at a time, waiting for the Justice League to catch up…
  • If you love lining up with the bad guys of the First Order, then this Deluxe Edition of Kylo Ren will do Supreme Leader Snoke’s star pupil proud. Mop up what is left of the Jedi Order as you go on the rampage, wiping out the enemy!
  • A bold departure from the stark white suits of traditional Stormtroopers, this red hot rendition featured in The Rise of Skywalker reveals how the First Order’s crack forces stand determined to defeat the Resistance one final time…
  • “Hey, hey, somebody get him before he pokes an eye out!” Woody may well be concerned, but if you wear this Forky suit with care, all the toys should be quite safe. As other friends gather round, you’ll soon find out you belong here!
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    Whatever feelings, energy and patter you have trapped inside you, now is the time to let it all out. Dress up and burst out as the Genie of the Lamp, playing all kinds of characters, making all three of Aladdin’s wishes come true!
  • Some Power Ranger experts might view the Green Ranger with suspicion, knowing you started out as the first evil Ranger bent on destroying the others, things changed after you became an ally. Will you turn turtle in your Power Rangers 2nd Skin?
  • If they didn't faint before they got to you, they will now! Patients coming under this doctor's '"care" this Halloween won't have long to wait for treatment. Hide behind the mask and decide on your patients' fate. The prognosis will be “terminal”!
  • Size really does matter when you want to impersonate a giant! Inflate this suit and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight out of a scene from Kong: Skull Island! Look out for stray helicopters and random groups of monster chasers…
  • If you thought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were larger-than-life characters, you’d be right. It’s not just their personalities: wear this inflatable Leo costume with its built-in battery pack and fan and you’ll see what we mean!
  • Cute and lovable as a Minion should be, every grown-up will love this blown-up chap in his dungarees. Keep one eye on Gru and Lucy as they lead you into their next scheme: Balthazar Bratt might be waiting with his sticky pink gum!
  • Stomp about like you own the planet! Dodge extinction inside this inflatable suit and make every other earthly creature quake. If they don't run a mile they'll probably trip over your extra-long tail as they dive into the undergrowth.
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    Strut forward as the indomitable Iron Man from Marvel Comics, the coming together of billionaire playboy genius Tony Stark and his ever-more sophisticated mechanical suits of armour.
  • Wicked and scheming, bring out your evil streak as the Sultan’s “advisor”, Jafar! Clad in these robes, be sure to practise your evil grin and demonic laughter as you try to wrest the lamp from the Genie before Aladdin gets there…
  • Anakin Skywalker? Is that you? Instantly tap into the Force as you transform into a classic Star Wars Jedi knight, thanks to this hooded cloak, braid tassel, belt and lightsaber.
  • “I swear by every fiend of felonious fundom!” Travel back in time to the original Batman TV series and give Bruce Wayne the run-around! This Joker really is wild: the pink suit, stripes and green bib capture Cesar Romero’s original.
  • You won’t need to have been raised by a colony of trolls to be this Kristoff! Team up with fellow players and create your own Frozen universe. Admire this faithful recreation, trimmed with ties and fringes all fit for an ice harvester.
  • Head back to the controls of the Millennium Falcon with co-pilots Chewbacca, Poe Dameron and the rest of the Resistance crew! You’ll have the Lando look – so steer the right course and you’ll soon have your ship back on track!