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Rubie's welcomes any changes in current legislation and testing that help us make it safer for consumers to experience the fun of dressing up.

To that point, we are working with our key retailers to support their needs and ensure we are only manufacturing and selling costumes that meet, or, at times exceed the needs of the current legislation.

      Everybody will be aware of the publicity surrounding the flammability of children’s fancy dress costumes. First featured on the BBC series Watchdog, follow-up stories have been featured by many media outlets. These reports are now re-appearing as Halloween approaches.

     Children’s costumes are clearly marked with ‘Warning! Keep away from fire’. Children should not be permitted to play near naked flames, whether or not they are wearing toy costumes. When flames are present, adult supervision is vital and children should stay a safe distance from them. Take particular care with loose and long flowing clothing.

     The safety of children’s fancy dress costumes is covered under European Toy Safety Regulations, as determined by a specialist technical committee. They meet regularly to review concerns raised by European member states and to determine if requirements need to be amended or updated. Reviewing hospital admissions and accident data is a key part of this continuous process.

     This committee is responsible for the EN71 standard for children’s toys and fancy dress costumes. The legislation contains a flammability standard which specifies what a safe rate of burning is. It does not require that toy costumes should not catch fire when they are exposed to naked flames. That would be difficult in all cases without the use of special fabrics and additional chemicals to slow down the burning.

     In order to provide consistent and meaningful results, flammability testing must be carried out in controlled laboratory conditions using standardised equipment. The atmospheric conditions must be regulated as should the precise nature of the ignition source. Although the images might be shocking, accidents involving Halloween costumes burning significantly are very rare. The flammability requirements for disguise costumes work well to protect the consumer in this respect.

     In the next month it is very likely that Trading Standards will be making some test purchases of children’s costumes from numerous outlets. Rubie’s confirms its compliance with the requirements of the current EN71 regulations and that you can buy in confidence from Rubie’s.

We ensure that all our costumes and accessories meet the required testing standards in the UK, across the European community and around the world. All Rubie’s costumes sold in the UK and Europe comply with the applicable flammability requirements.



All costumes are designed to comply with the applicable flammability requirements of the current EN71 toy safety standards.

Rubie’s is the world’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of fancy dress costumes and accessories.

Rubie’s range of costumes have been tested and they comply with all required European safety standards.